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January 3rd, 2006

02:32 pm: So, I'm really bored. I think I'm going to tell everyone about my trip to the dentist. Well, it started off not so bad, but then... he started drilling. I had excruciating pain. Then, they realized that I should be numbed up. Good job. So after 3 needles into my gum tissue I was finally numb (sort of)... because half way through all the drilling and the jack-hammering I could feel immense pain, pressure and coldness. I had all four of my wisdom teeth out with 10 needles of numbing and it wasn't nearly as bad as this.

I don't know what goes through the dentist's mind. He said " You should feel a slight vibration." However, it was not a slight vibration but a fucking cement drill/jack-hammer thing chiseling away at my tooth.

Anyway, that was my trip to the dentist.

Ps. My cheek is swollen and I look like a chipmunk... again. lol.

January 2nd, 2006

10:00 am: Firsts of 2006
1. Who was the first person u talked to in 06? Dan

2. The first person you hugged? Dan

3. The first person you called? Dan

4. The first person you texted? No one.

5. The first drink you drank? Water.

6. The first person that called you? Dan

7. The first person that texted you? No one.

8. Have you talked to all of your top 8 yet? No.

9. Any of your top 8? Yes.

10. Who was the 1st person to hang up on you? No one.

11. What was the first thing you watched on TV? Ball Dropping... I guess.

12. Who was the first person you thought of? Dan.

13. What was the first thing you ate? Probably Taco Bell lol.

14. What were you wearing at midnight? Jeans, brown shirt with a beige knitted over-jacket thing, cute necklaces (from Guess) and my brown round-toe heals.

15. Who was the first person you kissed? Dan.

January 1st, 2006

01:25 am:

Happy New Year!Collapse )

December 30th, 2005

09:52 pm: I confess that in 2005 I...

( ) stayed single the whole year.
(X)dated one person all year
( ) dated more than three people this year
( ) got your first kiss
( ) kissed someone new
( ) made-out for the first time
(X) made-out in/on a car
(X) kissed in the snow
(X) kissed in the rain
(X) fell in love

( )fell in love with a fool
( ) had your heart broken
( ) broke someone else's heart
( ) had a stalker
(X) had a good relationship with someone
( ) questioned your sexual orientation
( ) came out of the closet
( ) gotten pregnant
( ) gotten someone else pregnant
( ) had an abortion
( ) gotten married
( ) had a divorce
( ) had a gay marriage
( ) kissed someone of the same sex
(X) dated someone you'll never forget
(X) done something you've regretted

( ) lost your true love
( ) lost faith in love
( ) kissed under miseltoe


( ) got a promotion
( ) got a pay raise
( ) changed jobs
( ) lost your job
(X) quit your job
( ) dated a co-worker
( ) dated your boss
( ) dated your boss' daughter/son
( ) got fired from your job
( ) got straight A's
(X) met one teacher you really like
( ) met one teacher you really hated
(X) found the subject you love
( ) failed a class
(X) cut class
(X) skipped school...

( ) got into a fight with a classmate
(X) did something you were proud of
( ) discovered a new talent
(X) gave the teachers a reason to teach
(X) proved yourself an idiot
(X) embaressed yourself in front of the class

( ) fell in love with a teacher
( ) got a lead in the school play
(X) made a varsity team
(X) were involved in something you'll never forget
(X) got sent to the office... Because I'm good and like to hang out with the office people.


( ) painted a picture
( ) wrote a poem
(X) ran a mile
(X) listened to music you couldn't stand
(X) double-dipped

( ) skinny-dipped
(X) went to a sleepover
( ) went to camp
( ) threw a surprise party
(X) laughed till you cried... Almost every day. lol.
(X) laughed till you peed in your pants
( ) flirted shamelessly
( ) visited a foreign country
(X) visted a foreign state
(X) cooked a disasterous meal
(X)lost something important to you
(X) got a gift you adore
(X) realized something new about yourself
(X)went on a diet

( ) tried to gain weight
(X) dyed your hair
( ) came close to losing your life
( ) someone close to you died
(X)went to a party
( ) drank alchohol
( ) drank alchohol underage
( ) did (a) drug(s)
( ) got drunk
( ) got arrested
(X) read a great book
(X) saw a great movie
(X) saw a movie so scary that it made you cry
(X) saw your favorite band/artist live
(X) saw someone famous in person
(X) did something you want to tell everyone

( ) Enjoyed this... Not really.

December 28th, 2005

11:14 pm: Loserish
I don't have anything to do on New Year's Eve... so if anyone is doing something, I'd like to go. I'm pretty bored around here and I miss some of you guys.

December 26th, 2005

09:00 am: Christmas was very nice. Dan got me everything I wanted and so did my mommy (partially, because me and her go shoping for my stuff together on one huge shoping spree the day after Thanksgiving) But, it's so much better that way. I get everything I like and a big shoping extravaganza all at the same time!

I got to spend some of Christmas Eve and Christmas with my lover which was nice. He is amazing, if I haven't mentioned that already.

I was most excited about the Wicked soundtrack. It is amazing. It's almost as good as RENT. And... my book that I wanted. However, That only took a few hours to finish.

Well, I'm going to do sometihng productive with myself now.

December 16th, 2005

All of the Detroit Animal Control (DAC) animals are slated for euthanasia on Dec. 17, unless area rescue groups can pull them. The devastating news came today from DAC employee Patrice Reed. As you may have heard in recent media reports, in an attempt to save money, the city is cutting "non-essential" city services for certain blocks of time. Animal control in the city is considered a "non-essential" city service. Detroit Animal Control will completely close down for the last two weeks of December, starting Dec. 17. DAC has beautiful cats, dogs, kittens and puppies. If you or anyone you know is in a position to pull animals from the facility,please do so. This is beyond an urgent situation. We have two separate volunteer lists, so please forgive any duplication of this message. If you have any questions, please contact.Thank you,

Amy Wettlaufer
Network Manager
Michigan Animal Adoption Network
PO Box 20523
Ferndale, MI 48220

Off: 248.545.5055

E-mail: info@mi-aan.org

Primary web site: http://www.mi-aan.org

Adoptable animals on the web:

December 11th, 2005

03:36 pm:

Dan drew this on the white board on my door


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