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11:28 pm: This is weird.
I'm gonna start this up again.  ZOMG wtf.   Sooo yeah,  It's kind of as a joke because apparently I haven't used this thing since like 2005.  However, not much has changed,  Well actually it has. lol  I feel I should start doccumenting my life again though.  I know no one reads these or has an active live journal any more so this is a plus.  Me and my fiance were talking about how hilarious these things were back in the day... and just a little while ago we proved that. lol.  Anyway, I'm gonna make it seem like it did back then.

Sooo I had a pretty good day.  Worked on halloween stuff with my parents.  My fiance came over and we had a lot of super cute fun times :-)  I love him sooooooo much.  Yes, this is the same person that I've been talking about since 2003.  We're perfect for each other.  So those mean people that commented back in the day that I told to fuck off, well..... I guess all I can say is..... I'm right. We definately have the right to miss each other and love each other.  I'm glad I never let peple like that get to me :-) and I guess.... I'm extremly glad that I will be marrying the man that I met 6 years ago on the internet <3

But, as for tonight.... I'll be curling up in bed with some good old fashioned Edward Cullen. lmao :-)

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