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04:15 pm: Okay, so the Vagina Monologues is hilarious. The funniest part was when all the girls were like demonstrating the different types of orgasm sounds. It's not as perverted as it sounds, trust me. Although some parts were quite appalling and disturbing. But... still funny.

Mary and I had a pajama party last night. I know, I know... we live together and we do that every night. But, last night we pulled out the futon, got lots of pillows and blankets and curled up and watched the Olympics and a good movie on Lifetime with Zack Morris from Saved by the Bell all grown-up style. He looked pretty sexy. It was a cute romantic movie, until the end, when it pissed me off and we decided to go to bed.

Today, we studied for our world cultures class. It was horrible. We are still not done and we have been doing it like all day. We decided to take a break.

Dan is coming up here on Monday!!!!!!11111lykeomg1111!!!! Okay, I'm really excited. Like really, really, super-duper, fabity-fab, marvilosousness excidedamundo!!!!! I'm poor and didn't get him anything for V-day. However, he doesn't tell me what he wants because I would try to buy something for him. I did make him the cutest card ever though. It sucks that he will only be here two days but it will still be sooo much fun. Especially since I'm coming home this weekend. I don't know how much I'm going to see him over the weekend because he has to work, but we will find time. I hate going over to his house though just because I feel really uncomfortable and stuff... I won't even get into it. But, I try and suck it up.

So, lots of fun times ahead. Except for my test, even though the study guide is a bitch, it's helping and I think I'll do good.

Still not sure what schools I'll be teaching at over spring break. I have a general idea... I guess. Still undecided though.

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